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President's Message

Welcome to our website.



IUE-CWA Local 320 represents manufacturing operations employees of Lockheed Martin in Syracuse, New York. Local 320's obligation is to enhance the lives of our members through Collective Bargaining.

"The trade unions are the legitimate outgrowth of modern society and industrial conditions. … They were born of the necessity of workers to protect and defend themselves from encroachment, injustice and wrong. … To protect the workers in their inalienable rights to a higher and better life; to protect them, not only as equals before the law, but also in their health, their homes, their firesides, their liberties as men, as workers, and as citizens; to overcome and conquer prejudices and antagonism; to secure to them the fight to life; the right to be full sharers in the abundance which is the result of their brain and brawn, and the civilization of which they are the founders and the mainstay; to this the workers are entitled. … The attainment of these is the glorious mission of the trade unions."

Samuel Gompers, speech, 1898

No words could better describe our mission here at the Local 320.

Local 320 is working hard to maintain open and effective communication with our members, which includes past, present and future members. This website was created for just that purpose.

Your involvement within our Local 320 is greatly encouraged. You can help shape your future as well as for generations to come.

Michael Rachetta